Sunflower Ladies Series

My sunflower ladies series was done over the period of 1973- 1986.

All my work is done intuitively and I had no idea at the time the meaning of these images. I would just let go and draw from my intuition, not knowing what would come out onto the paper. It simply felt cathartic as I drew and trusted this unconscious self to guide me. Only decades later was I able to unravel the symbolism of these images!

As in all my early work, combining the feminine form with nature represents on one level my connection or communion with nature, and on a more personal level, my search for my "True Nature or Self", living that Truth. The sunflowers in particular are symbolic of turning toward the light the sun or true self for sustenance or guidance and therefore representing my spiritual search for my higher Self. The sun represents the guiding light of that truth or higher Self. 

The Sunflower with feet piece is one of my earliest work and the first in this series. It was done at the age of 17. I felt I had no roots, no self and therefore I was desperately seeking that true self.  My spiritual journey had begun, as the flower turns to the sun, and I to my truth to guide me. 

I love this poem about Sunflowers from a wonderful local poet!



  • Lovely! I am still waiting patiently to blossom.

    Teresa Boardman
  • I loved reading this post. I feel like I am forever learning who I am & learning to communicate about what I need to others. We are all so very mysterious!

  • I truly loved reading this blog post Sherri and sharing your words and Sunflower Ladies with Mike. I’m in awe as always with the talent that you hold within. Your friend Val

    Valeire Bubb

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