My Art as a Soul Journey

All my art is intuitive and an inner spiritual guide. This is a mystical, deeply personal piece that came from my soul.

At 16 I had an intuitive feeling for some time that I would do a piece of art that would be greatly significant to my life. Then one morning before waking I had a vision of it and I knew at once upon waking, that was it. The drawing is the exact picture of what I saw as if it could be photo!

In recent years I've been able to unravel the meaning hidden in the symbolism of the piece and it truly reveals the story of my soul's path through my life so accurately; which only now can be verified after 40 plus years of life since the image came to me! Hence the title," Life Journey", (My Soul Spoke To Me).

The symbolism of the tree represents the phases of growth in the life cycle. The dormant phase is represented here, my experience at the time. Later there will follow, the blossoming and then the falling of the leaves. The tree is very alive, the branches appear like living tissue even though it is in the dormant phase. There is hope in that this dormant phase will pass in my life as it does in nature. I will no longer be lost to myself as I was at that time, represented by the hidden face. The roots are a powerful symbol of  being deeply rooted or connected to my soul and committed to this soul journey. The rock at the base appears almost like a skull, representing the same theme of transition - death and rebirth. The figure is positioned like a crucifixion, which represents my early conditioning of having to sacrifice my true self for others. 

But the tree is the symbol of hope despite the sacrifices. I will in time, through my growth journey find my authentic self and experience a new season of life. This is the journey of a lifetime.

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